Davide Rampino

My name is Davide, my life path for a long time could be defined as wandering, traveling and a bit nomadic. I come from a town in the south of Italy, I left when I was 18 to study university. I went to live during several years in Brussels and Paris, before landing in Barcelona, ​​which is still my refuge today.

Moving and changing places has always been a present element, both on a personal level and in my professional life. The richness that a trip offers, a new environment and any contact with different people and cultures, near and far, has always been a factor that has helped me expand my knowledge, grow as a person and free myself from prejudices and mental patterns.

I have always felt attracted to trips of a more exotic, unusual nature, full of ancient cultures, far from urban and crowded spaces, and always immersed in nature. Contact with the authentic, the natural and the ancestral has been a constant element of my discoveries. Unforgettable experiences among the lands of Nepal, Tibet, Mongolia, Alaska, Jordan, Ireland, Peru, Vietnam and Australia, among others, have contributed to the development of a very open vision of the world and people, perceiving the deficiencies of modern life and cultivating interest and passion for entire centuries of ancient culture and wisdom.

Over the years I have approached the world of self-knowledge and personal development, finding in mindfulness and meditation a tool that has helped me develop a more conscious and attentive way of relating to myself, my environment and the planet. I thus made the decision to take my learnings, my experiences and my knowledge to another level, starting another wonderful journey that would give me the possibility of sharing them.