José Carlos
Hermida Congosto

My name is José Carlos and since I was a child I have had a passion for nature, for traveling and for the stories that this world (and others) told in a different, mysterious and magical way. The wild, the unknown, mythology and everything what I felt was yet to be discovered beyond ordinary life, have always attracted me powerfully. 

Going beyond what the guides told me, I have traveled through Southeast Asia to connect with its ancestral wisdom. I have experienced the magic of the Celtic Nations, delving into the origin of my Galician roots, I have felt the mystery of the Nordic Countries and their ancient gods and I have delved into the Balkans and the Middle East, cradles of myth and legends, to understand their people, their traditions and myself.

On that journey I approached the magical world of druids and priestesses and discovered ancient disciplines such as Chinese medicine, chi kung and meditation. Knowing the world of energy has been a great gift for me, in the that I decided to deepen and train alongside other disciplines in the humanistic field that have given me a holistic vision and a deeper understanding of human beings and Mother Earth.

My professional life has been taking a progressive turn, gradually aligning itself from the world of sustainability and social responsibility, through foundations and NGOs, to creating my own path, in which I hope to be able to share with you everything known and treasured until today and, together, continue learning.